A Boost To My Artistic Confidence After A Difficult Week

This week has challenged my faith and confidence in my artistic and creative ability. Firstly there was the Nam June Paik exhibition, in which I felt confused and out of my depth, and then I visited the London Group Open exhibition.

I went to the London Group Open so that I could see an exhibit by Beverley Duckworth, who creates mesmerising pieces using dust, hair and human skin. She explores feminism, expectations upon wonen, beauty, disgust and the discarded. I’m in awe of her talent.

The rest of the exhibition was powerful, and I connected to some of the art more deeply than others. One of the pieces, Leave or Remain by Maya Ramsay was the charred remains of a shipwrecked boat used by migrants. A powerful question about what happened to those migrants, and commentary upon the current Western political state of affairs with the rise right wing nationalism.

hdrplLeave or Remain – Maya Ramsay

Tarantalla by Phillip Tunstill appealed to me as well. I liked the colours, geometry and space. It made me ponder upon my need for routine, and partitions in my mind that, when structured so, leaves me with a sense of order, space and safety. It’s like I need to structure so I can live freely in the space.

qrfTarantalla by Philip Tunstill

There were many other examples of cleverly conceived and created art. However, following on from my Nam June Paik exhibition it added to my sense of inadequacy as an artist.

Today has been a turning point for me. I subscribe to Curator Space, which has many opportunities and open calls for artists, and I saw an exhibit that I felt that I could contribute to.

I selected four of my pieces of work, and wrote my bio and description and submitted them. The process was magical, I am pleased with the works which I chose, and they represent some of my skills, ability and talent as a conceptual artist and photographer. It was such a joy to think “Bloody hell, I have something to say as an artist.” A refreshing end to what had been a challenging week.

When You Take Away My VoiceStandard: When You Take Away My Voice by Richard Keys

Recent Photos

I noticed these whilst walking through Kentish Town. They were stuck to a wall on a building.





Standard: When You Take Away My voice – Photo Video Featuring DJ’s From Mars

When You Take Away My Voice

When You Take Away My Voice


The photo-montage and photo video are my own work, and the music is provided by Dj’s From Mars. I am very grateful that they gave me permission to use their work. Thank you DJ’s From Mars.

You can check Dj’s From Mars on many platforms including:-

  1. http://www.djsfrommars.com
  2. http://www.facebook.com/djsfrommars
  3. http://www.instagram.com/djsfrommarsofficial
  4. http://www.twitter.com/djsfrommars
  5. http://www.youtube.com/djsfrommarschannel
  6. http://www.youtube.com/alieninvasiontv

Initial Ideas For Part Three – Communication: Narrative

My aim with this section of coursework is to explore themes and ideas that are relevent to me, and where I feel that I can have a voice through photography. Although I have these ideas I am aware that they may alter or change as my exploration of the coursework develops.

  • Exercise 3.1 Searching – Visit Durham, stay for a couple of nights and explore
  • Exercise 3.2 Series – series as typology, street art and graffiti presented as a photomontage – although I have some of the photography but will need to make more, this is a large project and will need to be done throughout the rest of this coursework, to be completed before the assignment, if this is not possible I will present it as an ongoing project for further development
  • Exercise 3.3 Sequence – unsure – an exploration of the spaces used by the homeless community
  • Exercise 3.4 Documenting change – An Alternate view of the Northern Powerhouse – closed shops in the centre of North Eastern towns
  • Exercise 3.5 Photographs from text – Leisure – William Henry Davies
  • Exercise 3.6 Mixing genres – unsure
  • Exercise 3.7 A significant object – my gohonzon and buddhist alter
  • Exercise 3.8 Re-phtographing – Extending upon assignment 2 via self portrait, as an expression of and challenge to my idea of self
  • Exercise 3.9 A significant place – unsure – I have no significant place
  • Exercise 3.10 A significant portrait – Work alongside a person who is homeless and explore how they would like to represent themselves in a formal portrait. I will purchase any clothing or props that they feel is relevent to them – I have a photographic relationship with a few homeless people already, so I can build upon the trust already developed
  • Assignment three A Narrative Photograph
  • 1 a staged photo – gambling and its human toll
  • 2 a narrative sequence – binge drinking from preloading to vomiting on the way home