The King And Queen

I’ll start at the end and work backwards this time. Richard took me to see the King Kane that is. Harry Kane was the golden boot winner at the world cup. Wembley is huge, so many people that I’m glad I was in the rucksack until I got to my seat. King Kane scored and Tottenham Hotspur beat Fulham 3 – 1. The best goal came from a Kieran Trippier free kick (he was England’s best player in the world cup).



My time in the Army meant I was serving Queen and country. Which is crap. We were serving the American government because of our “special relationship”. Anyhow, keep calm and blog on.

Buckingham Palace is whers my Queen  lives. She didn’t come out and wave to me. I serve her and she can’t even be bothered to give me a wave. Better luck next time hey? Bless her, she’s a dear. Gotta love the Queen.


Richard has never been keen on the Royal Family, although William and Kate, Harry and Meghan have definitely changed his outlook. The younger generation have a much better attitude and acceptance, and he likes that.


Before Buckingham Palace was At James’ park. Lovely bit of tranquility with some flowers and birds. Green, ring necked parrots. Richard got a photo of a couple of them, but as I don’t fly as yet then I’m not in those.

I’ll sign off with yesterday’s update with a few photos. We’re having a rest today, we may sit in Hyde Park for a bit.

Richard wants to try and catch up with your posts. He’s struggling with this as we’re so busy. He says sorry for not doing so.