For The Love Of Tree’s

Tree’s are my my connection with mother nature, a source of spiritual connection and joy. I ordered two more for my birthday, to add to my growing collection. I talk to them all in the morning and I believe this is helping these outdoor beauties to live and thrive in my home. If you grow trees I would love to connect, I’m often left with questions which I cannot find answers too.

fznorcalamondin citrofortunella – I over-fed this small orange tree last winter and had to prune it right back. I’m amazed that it has grown back so well, and two new branches are beginning to grow at the top of the trunk.


fznorFicus Carica “scone” – I also over fed my fruit bearing fig tree, however I didn’t need to prune it. The three branches have foliage that is in different health. One of which, the smallest on the right, has been poisoned, but is still producing foliage. The left hand branch is doing the majority of the growing.


hdrplApples and orange tree – thesr trees have been grown from seed.


hdrplOlea Europaea – a new edition and a birthday present to me.


hdrplFicus Benjamina – The first tree in my collection. A combination of growing this in a grow tent and over feeding meant that it shed most of its leaves. I didn’t think that I would be able to rescue it. It’s grown about 10cm this spring and is probably ready for re-potting. It’s wonderful to see this tree return to health.


qrfOullins Golden Gage – Another birthday to me. This plum tree was delivered with many broken branches and clearly hadn’t been watered properly in the weeks leading up to delivery. However, I’m sure that some of the branches are health enough to promote some growth.



A Birthday Treat

Yesterday was my birthday, which I don’t normally celebrate. However, this year was different. My cousins L and G wanted to celebrate it with me, and I felt it was important to let them love me in this way.

We went to the London Wetlands Center, probably my favourite place in London. Here are just a few photos from the day out.






A Good Day For My Mental Health

It feels like my mental health has been quite challenging recently. The paranoid thoughts and feelings have been a struggle, although shifting from intense paranoia, which is terror and panic, down to self obsession, which is accompanied by anxiety, has been a blessing.

Today has been better still. A day of relative comfort, peace and some joy, with a bit of anxiety in the mix.

I followed my morning routine, which includes my embroidery (the butterfly is beggining to pull together), and then I went to St James Park.


The amazing thing is that I have to wear these hideous hospital boots to protect the pressure sores on my feet, and the park was packed, and I was fine.

I took my Olympus OMD EM10 MK iii, with the Mzuiko 60mm f2.8 macro. I’ve come away with 3 photos that I like of a pochard, a red crested pochard, and my favourite was of the female red crested pochard. Very sublime and no red crest. I can’t post those as yet as my computers not up and running.

The wind was blowing petals and other bits of plants and trees, sorry I don’t know the name of these “other bits”. They kept getting stuck in my throat and causing me to cough. Here’s one of the little blighters.


It’s nice to have good days.

Wishing you all peace and joy.

Exercise 4.8 – Photomontage In Photoshop

Brief:- Now that you’ve seen how to make a photomontage with newspaper cuttings, search through your archive of images to make a photomontage with your own photographs. Photomontage requires a playful, experimental attitude to exploring different arrangements, so don’t try to be too ‘tidy’ or perfect about your final result. Decide on the different picture elements: the background, the different parts of the environment, objects different people in the environment. Think in terms of depth: fg,mg, and bg. When you’ve completed your photomontage, photograph it or save it as a finished image. 

Things That

I’m surprised at how short a time this take me to complete. Just a few hours this afternoon. Clearly the practice of using Photoshop is paying off. During other pieces of coursework I have used Photoshop to create montages of differing styles, one was made from several hundred photos that I had taken of street art (here), and another which combined faces (here).

It’s been enjoyable for me to connect with what matters to me. It can be easy to get bogged down with some aspects of life, which become detrimental to others. The background picture reminds me that my passion is photography. It’s become a vital part of regaining my health. Macro photography helps me to chill, to forget the things which can disable me, and to help me get present. The two family members are amazing. We never knew each other until I neared the end of my twenties, it was a chance meeting. But we lost contact and then a real life miracle happened. L was robbed in the street and she flagged down a car, the driver took them home so the police could be called. My photo was on the mantelpiece. I’m so grateful to the man who robbed L. L and G are amazing, if you’re reading – I love you deeply. The gannet is representative of birds, nature, birdwatching and wildlife photography. How can you not love a bird? The car is flying – events photography – I love the action, the fast pace of photographic technique, pushing myself technically and creatively. I’m feeling very grateful as I join some of the dots of my life.

When I embarked upon Foundations in Photography I preferred Lightroom over Photoshop. I still find Lightroom to be my go to for digitally developing my photos. However, my personal creative development has had a seismic shift, by following other creatives blogs I have started to explore mixed media art and production. I have an exciting developmental journey ahead, and I need Photoshop for the development of my creativity.

Gannets Triptych And A Composite Photo Of A Kestral

Triptych of a Gannet in-flight
A photographic triptych of a Gannet landing on the cliffs at RSPB Brampton Cliffs
A photographic triptych of a Gannet landing on the cliffs at RSPB Brampton Cliffs
Triptych of a Gannet in-flight
Photographic triptych of a Gannet Flying along the cliff tops, with a Say in the Background at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
Photographic triptych of Gannett's training each other
This is a photographic triptych of a pair of Gannett’s training each other at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
A composite photo of a kestrel in flight.
A composite photo of a kestrel in flight.



A peer on Foundations in Photography has commented that eye’s come up as a theme for me throughout my photography. I have cropped a few photos which had eye’s within them develop a test series to see if eyes have the potential to become a future project. It’s certainly something to bear in mind. If at some point I decide to take this further I will make new photos in which eyes are the point of focus.